Heading into Belize this weekend

October 27, 2010

Dear praying friends,

We are headed back into Belize on Sunday, Oct. 31st and will return to the States on Sunday, Nov. 7th.  The other part of the team we are joining will be arriving in Belize on Sunday, Oct. 30th.  Please pray for our team:

for Jesus Christ to be proclaimed in Belize and everywhere we will be in the next week (airports, etc)

for these next few days of prep as we pack and settle final details with jobs, etc. Stateside and prepare our hearts to be aligned with God’s heart

for safety for each team member

for safety for our families and properties in the States

for God’s direction and wisdom for every ministry project

for Pastor Ron and Linda as they prepare for us in the midst of trying to clean up after Hurricane Richard

for all financial, physical, emotional, spiritual needs of the team to be met with God’s wonderful grace

for God to be glorified in all things as we lift up the marvelous Name of Jesus Christ

Thank you for praying for us.    I pray for each of you today as well:

Lord, I pray for each person reading and responding to this prayer blog.  Please bless them beyond measure as they proclaim Your Kingdom.  Give them divine appointments to share the gospel with those who need to hear.  Protect them and their families and properties from all snares of the evil one.  Be glorified in and through their lives and ministries!  IN JESUS NAME…AMEN!



Headed to Belize

June 7, 2010

Dear friends,

So many of you have prayed for us and God has answered the prayers of His people.  In about 16 hours, we head to DIA to catch a plane to Houston and then onto Belize City.  We have been praying and preparing spiritually for months, but even so, there are still “last minute” things that need to be done.  My dog, “Jakey the Wonder Dog” needs to go to his temporary quarters at daughter Jessica’s, Stan is still shopping for nails and such to build the house, AND the tubs…oh, those wonderful tubs need to be finally sealed after stuffing just a “little” more in without going overweight!

Ahhh…the challenges and the beauty of “stretching” for the Lord.  Amazing and amazingly painful at times!  But oh, how we grow!

I’m going to post one more time on our Belize Blessings FB and send out the last e-mail and then I will sign-off until Belize.  I’m praying that we will have a good internet connection while at our base so that I can then re-connect with all of you.

Please continue to pray…

for traveling mercies as we drive to DIA from two different cities, connect, and then fly on to Belize

for good relations with Continental Airlines as we check in our team of 14 plus all the stuff

for traveling mercies on the ground in Belize from Belize City to our base in Uniteville

for safety on the job site

for our programs in the schools and church

Ok…I think that is all for now.  My brain isn’t functioning well at the moment.  Oh, yeah…it might be good to pray for the “mind of Christ” for me!  LOL

Blessings, Gina and Stan and the Belize Blessings 2010 Mission Team!

16 days and counting…

May 23, 2010

Hello, friends,

In just 16 days, a team from Wyoming will travel to Belize to minister.  We are so grateful for the many prayers that have been offered for us along this journey.  We have seen the Lord provide financially for us and are praising Him for the funds to build a house for Yanira in Belize.  He is good!

Please pray with us today:

for all details Stateside to be handled before we head into Belize

for travel safety as we will be gone from Wyoming June 8-15

for safety on the job site in Belize

for Gina and John as we prepare for ministry on Weds. night in Belize

for the puppet team and the rest of us as we prepare to minister in the Belizean schools

for prayer ministry to happen in Belize

for finances and supplies to be finalized

You can follow our team’s progress on FB at Belize Blessings 2010

Blessings, Gina

100 for 10 is growing!

May 13, 2010

Ok…we now have the equivalent of 40 $10 pledges towards our “100 for 10” challenge.  An anonymouns donor has promised to match up to 1000 dollars raised in May.  We need 60 more 10 dollar pledges.  Can you help?

Send checks to:

Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie  45 Sage Ridge Rd.  Laramie, WY 82072

Update on “100 for 10” Challenge

May 4, 2010

Dear ones,

As you may know, an anonymous donor has promised to match $1000 in gifts given in May.  And so a few days ago, we issued a “100 for 10” challenge, meaning that we are looking for 100 people who could give 10 dollars in May.

So far we have the equivalent of 27 $10 gifts given.  We only need 73 more $10 gifts to  meet this challenge!

If you’d like to help, please send a check written to:

Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie c/o Stan and Gina Gibson  45 Sage Ridge. Rd. Laramie, WY 82072

Keep praying…GOD IS GOOD!

36 days and counting…

May 3, 2010

Dear praying friends…

In 5 weeks and 1 day we will be in Belize.  How time has flown!  Your prayers for us have been so valuable as we have sought the heart of our Father to see what His plans for us could be.  We know for sure that we will build a house for Yanira and her family as I think we are near 100 percent funding for the project.  We still have questions of God as we seek to know all He has in store for us.  This faith thing is a big thing…a real stretching thing.  If you’ve ever gotten outside the “comfort” place, you will understand what I mean.

As we ask you to continue to pray, please ask God on our behalf:

for health and strength for each team member; we are getting a little “threadbare” at this point and need to press in    

for courage for what lies ahead

for wisdom as we schedule these last few weeks before travel, we have lots of things to get done and busy schedules make scheduling group meeting times a bit of a challenge!

for Pastor Ron & Linda and staff as they prepare for us

for good times with the Lord in the days ahead so that our spiritual “cups” will be full of Him

for the attitudes of our hearts and minds to be cleansed by the Holy Spirit so that we are one with God

for our 100 for 10 fundraiser

Thank you for your continuing concern for our team…your prayers are being felt!

Blessings, Gina

100 for 10 Matching Challenge

April 29, 2010

An anonymous donor has pledged to match donations given through May up to $1000.  We are looking for 100 people who would be willing to give $10.  of course, any amount would be gratefully accepted.  Checks should be sent to Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie, c/o Stan & Gina Gibson, 45 Sage Ridge Rd.  Laramie, WY 82072.  Checks must be received by May 31 to qualify for the matching challenge.  Thanks!

It’s growing…Yanira’s house is coming soon…

April 17, 2010

Dear friends,  Thank you to everyone who has given gifts to help build a house for young mom, Yanira in Belize.  We are excited to see how God is providing the funds.  Our goal is $5000 and I have currently received more than $2000.

Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness.  If there is anyone who would still like to give, it isn’t too late.   Checks should be written to “Oasis Ministry” with “Gibson house project” written in the memo line  Send checks to: Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie, 45 Sage Ridge Rd., Laramie, WY 82072

Please continue to pray…

for all our team members to be prepared spiritually and physically for the demands of the mission field. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for Pastor Ron and Linda and their staff as they prepare for our visit.  You can learn more about their ministry in Belize at www.oasisministrybelize.com  

for all financial need to be met with an abundance for every good work

for balance in the schedules of team members as we prepare to travel in June, everyone is very busy right now with many responsibilities

for reasonable airfare to Belize City on April 29th when we do our final booking

for the program that is being prepared for the Belizean children

for God’s wisdom for Stan and Gina

ok…I think that is all for now.  Please post a prayer for us below…thanks

Stan and Gina and the Belize Blessings 2010 team

$1229 provided…$5000 needed

April 5, 2010

If you feel that the Lord wants you to help provide funds to build Yanira’s house…

Write check to “Oasis Ministry”

Send check to

Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie  c/o Stan and Gina Gibson  45 Sage Ridge Rd.  Laramie WY 82072

Many blessings to each of you!

Update on Belize Team…Prayer news for March 30,2010

April 2, 2010

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team.  Our latest reports show that we could have possibly met our first fundraising goal yesterday for 1/2 of the team’s airfare.  I’ll send you a better update when I have the final figures, but the fundraiser yesterday in Cheyenne yesterday yielded over 3000 dollars.  That is a huge PRAISE THE LORD!

Our next deadlines will approach very quickly as we will have to pay for airfare early May in full.  Everyone is working hard on fundraising, but it can be a daunting task and one that we cannot do in our own strength.  That is why we need your prayers so much.  O. Hallesby says this in his classic book, Prayer:

“I need not exert myself and try to force myself to believe, or try to chase doubt out of my heart. Both are equally useless. It begins to dawn on me that I can bring everything to Jesus, no matter how difficult it is; and I need not be frightened away by my doubts or my weak faith, but only tell Jesus how weak my faith is. I have let Jesus into my heart. And He will fulfill my heart’s desire…”

So please continue to join us as we come to Jesus with the needs of our team:

***that the Lord will guide each team member as they seek to grow to be more like Him

***that we will clearly hear His plans for all fund-raising and other needs.  We don’t want Him to bless what WE are doing but we want to be doing what He desires

***Please pray from Col. 1:9-12 for our team…that we will be filled with the knowledge of His will, filled with spiritual wisdom and understanding, walking worthy of the Lord’s calling, bearing fruit in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of God. pleasing God in all things, strengthened with His power, steadfast, patient, joyful and thankful

**Please especially pray as we prepare a program for presentation in the Belizean schools

Hope you will write a prayer for us and post it on our blog!  Thanks for being faithful!


Gina    Lighthouse Ministries of Laramie